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    Bri and friends
  • Minnesota Gameday
    Minnesota Gameday

    Last Home Game This Season!!

Welcome to Barry’s – The Nebraska Bar!

Our mission is to provide a friendly environment where our customers can go to relax, watch games on our state-of-the-art AV system, have a great meal, a cold beer and debate whether Johnny Rodgers or Mike Rozier was the greatest Husker of all time. (Heisman Trophy wins aside, we’ll offer up Rich Glover, Tommie Frazier and Tom “Trainwreck” Novak for the discussion). We offer four unique venues that we know will meet the desires of all our customers.

As the new owners, we are well aware of the Barry’s tradition that dates back to March 16, 1959, when Raymond and Laura Barry first opened just to the south of its current location. The original Barry's was torn down in 1969 to make way for a service station, but the Barry’s reopened the bar at its current location.

In 1988, Mike & Lou Mary Webb purchased Barry’s from Laura Barry along with Ken and Ryly Jane Hambleton, Lincoln Journal Star sports writers. After nearly a quarter century, Mike & Lou Mary Webb sold Barry’s to Kevin Fitzpatrick and Kevin Duffy who now take the reins of this iconic establishment and intend to honor the tradition that is Barry’s while providing an updated look & feel.


  • Monday Night Football (6pm-close)

    $6.00 Domestic Pitchers
    $3.00 Busch Lte Tall Boys
    $3.00 Smirnoff Flavors
    $5.00 Wings and Fries Special

  • Tuesday (7pm to close)

    $3.00 Margaritas
    $3.00 Busch Lte. Tall Boys
    $2.00 Tequila Sunrise Shots (Tequila, OJ, Grenadine)

  • Whiskey Wednesday (7pm to close)

    $3.00 Whiskey Wednesday (Jim Beam, Crown Royal, Jack Daniels)

  • Thursday Night Football (6pm to close)

    $6.00 Domestic Pitchers
    $5.00 Bacardi Buckets
    $0.50 Draft Beers ($10.00 beer trays w/ 9oz cups)
    $3.00 Busch Light Tallboys
    $5.00 Wings and Fries Special

  • Friday (7pm-close)

    $3.00 Bombs
    $2.00 Domestic Bottles

  • Saturday (7pm-Close)

    $2.00 Wells

    ** This special does NOT apply on game days.**

  • SundayFunday (All day long)

    $3.00 Bloody Marys/ Mimosas
    $2.50 Red Beers
    $1.00 Burgers
    $1.00 Fries